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Updated 04/24/2013


15th Scottish Division
Angus Graham

The 15th (Scottish) Division was a British Army division in both the First and Second World Wars. The division was a New Army unit formed in September 1914 as part of the K2 Army Group. The division moved to France in July 1915 and spent the duration of the First World War in action on the Western Front.  The Early days were somewhat chaotic, the new volunteers having very few trained officers and NCOs to command them, no organized billets or equipment.

The Division was inspected by HM King George V on 26th September 1914 - it was the first occasion on which the Division paraded as a formed unit, and with the exception of the Staff, plain clothes were worn. By 22nd January 1915, the Division was in uniform for an inspection by Kitchener. BY the early Summer of 1915, the Division was considered to be ready for France, and embarkation orders were received on 3rd July 1915.

During World War I, the 15th saw action at the Battles of Loos, Somme, Pozieres and the Third Battle of Ypres.  In WWII, the division was a second line Territorial Army Division, the duplicate of the British 52nd (Lowland) Division and served in the Second World War, where, among other actions, it was part of VIII Corps under Lieutenant-General Sir Richard O'Connor in Normandy. Where it fought in Operation Epsom, Operation Goodwood and Operation Bluecoat. It was considered one of the finest units in the British 2nd Army, and it ended the war on the Elbe River.