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Updated 05/09/2016


Lemluath, taorluath, crunluath

Where do these names come from and what do they mean?  Good question and one that I could not find a definitive answer to. 

While I could find information on a variety of crunluath and taorluath styles – there is a GREAT resource here – I could not find any information on what the terms meant.

Failing that, I went to Scottish Gaelic and Irish for a hint.  And here is what I found.

luath (Scottish Gaelic) From Old Irish lúath fast, swift, fleet, nimble, quick, speedy, each luath - a fleet horse. From Old Irish léimm, from Proto-Celtic *lang-smen- (compare Welsh llam), from Proto-Indo-European *legʷh- ("light, not heavy"). Verbal noun of leum - jump, leap, skip, spring, bound, dash, frisk, start.  Leum gàbhaidh - a dangerous leap

OK, that’s descriptive of the movements.  I also found

tarlú (Irish) From tarl- + . Verbal noun of tarlaigh1, a happening, an occurrence.

Perhaps the meaning has been lost to history.