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Updated 3/27/17


Nothing stirs the emotions like the sound of Bagpipes...
Pipers have been entertaining guests at weddings, banquets and parties for centuries.  The haunting beauty and majesty of the pipes add a distinctive touch for any occasion.  The following publications are FREE for download.  A courtesy email informing me of their use would be appreciated.

Highland Bagpipe Tutor Student Manual  PRINT Version
Learning the bagpipes is an extremely broad topic.  Most of what is learned is done by rote without fully understanding what the finished product is supposed to be.  The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Student Manual is a comprehensive approach to piping instruction using proven techniques and exercises to quickly move the beginning student to the pipes.

Highland Bagpipe Tutor - Instructor Manual  PRINT Version   
The interest in the Highland Bagpipe Tutor Student Manual - now in its fourth edition - prompted the development of a companion manual for the instructor.  The intent is not to duplicate the materials in the Student Manual, but to provide additional information on the subject and to provide a solid foundation for those providing instruction.

Behind the Tunes PRINT Volume I, PRINT Volume II, PRINT Volume III
Behind the Tunes is a collection of music for the Highland Bagpipes and the stories behind them.  Index of Tunes

PRINT Version  Tunes of Glory
A compilation of
hymns, songs, their stories, lyrics, and settings for the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Index of Tunes

Travels in Scotland  PRINT Version, Journal Version
In 2004, the Omaha Pipes and Drums competed in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.  Between practice sessions and competitions, I traveled to:

Arbroath * Arbroath Abbey * Airthrey Castle * Balhousie Castle * Bridge of Allen * Dunfermline * Dunfermline Abbey and Palace * Edinburgh * Edinburgh Castle * North Berwick * Perth * Scone Palace * Stirling * Stirling Castle
Wallace Monument * World Pipe Band Championships


This week's topic...A collection of various piping and related topics of interest.
Index of Topics


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