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Updated 12/27/2019


Baloo, Lamby

“Baloo, Lamby” is a traditional Scottish carol; author unknown. The full original title was "An Sang of the birth of Christ," from James, John and Robert Wedderburn's Ane Compendium Buik of Godly and Spirituall Sangis (1567). The Scottish word baloo means lullaby, hush-a-bye, or sometimes rendered sleep. Lammy denotes young or little lamb, and bairn is the Scottish word for child. It was said to have been transcribed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the 1850s.


This day to you is born a child
Of Mary meek the Virgin mild:
That blessed bairn so loving and kind,
Shall now rejoice both heart and mind.
Baloo, lammy, balulalow.

And now shall Mary's little boy
Forever be our hope and joy;
Eternal be his reign here on earth,
Rejoice then all people for this holy birth:
Baloo, lammy, balulalow.

Sleep gently, sweet Jesus, and know no fear,
Thy subjects adoring watch over thee here;
God's angels and shepherds and kine in their stall,
And wise men and Virgin, Thy guardians all:
Baloo, lammy, balulalow.