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Updated 06/20/2013


The Band Tartan

As you know (or maybe you didn’t) the Omaha Pipes and Drums wears the Cameron of Erracht tartan.

We actually wear the “modern” tartan shown here 

as opposed to the “ancient” or “muted” version      

The tartan is unique among Scottish Regiments owing to the fact that it was not derived from the 42nd Government (Black Watch) Tartan.

Ewen Cameron of Lochiel took as his second wife Marjory MacKintosh. Their son Ewen was the first of what would become the Camerons of Erracht. This was in the early 16th century and by 1745, Donald Cameron, 7th of Erracht, was second in command of the Camerons at Glenfinnan when Prince Charles raised his standard.  The tartan is said to have been designed by the wife of Donald, 7th of Erracht in 1793 (there are many theories as to its origin, none of which seem entirely satisfactory).  This combination of the Cameron and MacDonald tartans uses a deep red, dark blue, green and a fine gold line.  It was created for the use of the original 79th Regiment, later known as The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, raised in 1793 by their eldest son, General Sir Allan Cameron, K.C.B.  Regardless of its origin, this tartan has been in use by The Cameron Highlanders since their late-eighteenth century inception.  It is often used as a day or "hunting" tartan, because of its "serviceable" colors.  At times it has been strictly reserved for use among the regiment, but is now in wide use among Clan Cameron.  This tartan was not created as a tribal clothing specifically for the Erracht Camerons.  Therefore, if any Cameron ancestors owned this tartan, it does not mean that they were Camerons of Erracht.  Quite the contrary, it probably indicates a regimental affiliation or even a school uniform, as some Highland academic institutions required students to dress in this tartan.