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Updated 06/08/2018


Boturich Castle
PM High McKay

Boturich Castle is said to have been built by the last Duchess of Albany and Countess of Lennox. (Isabelle, Countess of Lennox, died c.1460).

The present mansion, known as Boturich Castle overlooking Loch Lomond, was erected in 1830 and incorporates the remains of an earlier building; the pre-1830 Boturich Castle consist of walls 4ft thick on the present ground level. A barrel vault extends through the SE corner of the old building.  

Boturich Castle belonged to the Lennox and Buchanan families originally.


The tune was composed by Hugh McKay. Hugh MacKay (1801-1864) was born in the Reay country. He was a piper in the 71st Highlanders in 1830, and was Pipe Major from 1836-1851. After that, he went to the Stirlingshire Militia, from 1852 to 1864. He was a great march player who, with Angus MacKay, made the competition march what it is today. He composed many marches, including: “The 71st Quickstep” (made over from “The Ross and Cromarty Rangers’ Quickstep”), “The Stirlingshire Militia,” “The Craigs of Stirling,” Angus Campbell’s Farewell to Stirling” and “Charles Edward Hope de Vere.


Though not known as a great piobaireachd player, his prowess at playing and composing 2/4 marches puts Hugh MacKay at the forefront as one of the fathers of the modern competition march and one of the great composers of bagpipe music.


His likeness can apparently be found in watercolours of the 71st Highlanders painted in 1837 during the regiment’s time in Ireland.