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Updated 06/26/2020


Bridge of Perth

A number of bridges have been built over the River Tay since the 11th century, many of which were damaged by flooding. The previous Perth Bridge was destroyed by flooding in 1617. For a while after this, ferries were used to cross the river until this bridge was built in 1771. The bridge was the largest in Scotland at the time.

The current bridge was built by the renowned engineer John Smeaton and is a major route across the river to Perth city center. The seven arches which form the bridge are a major landmark in the area, and make a significant contribution to the surrounding landscape. Constructed of local Perth sandstone, the bridge was widened in 1869 to provide footpaths to either side. The two arches at either side of the bridge allow for capacity if there is flooding and the arch spans increase in width towards the center of the bridge.