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Updated 04/26/2013


Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle

A small village in Easter Ross, Redcastle lies on the north shore of the Beauly Firth, 4 miles east of Muir of Ord. The ruined 16th-century Redcastle, a former stronghold of the Mackenzies, stands on a mound at the head of the Beauly Firth on a site where the original castle of Edradour is thought to have been built by William the Lion in the 12th century. There is a fine range of late 18th-century stables in parkland near the castle and the gothic Redcastle Church by the firth was rebuilt from 1800.

From the period when this Castle was erected, the tide of prosperity which had hitherto attended the Mackenzies of Redcastle began to ebb. During the Civil War the Clan Kerr supported the Parlimentry Covenantor army of General David Leslie. In 1649 a rebellion took place in the north by the Covenantors of the Clan MacKenzie who were opposed to Leslie's parliamentary forces. As a result Leslie's forces under Colonel Kerr took the MacKenzie's Redcastle, demolished it and hanged the garrison.

The last of the family of the Mackenzies of Redcastle, Miss Mary or Molly, died at a very advanced old age a few years ago, at Lettoch, in a house which she had occupied there for many years.