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Updated 04/26/2013


Cockney Jocks

A true cockney is someone who was born within the sound of the church bells of Bow, the famous Bow Bells in the East End of London. The dictionary defines cockney as: a) a native of the East End of London; or b) pertaining to the pronunciation or dialect of cockneys. The word is of Middle English origin meaning "foolish person," literally, "cock's egg" (i.e., malformed egg). Nowadays the term cockney seems to apply to anyone from old Smokey (that's what London was known by years ago when coal fires where the only form of heating) and is a generic term for a Londoner. The cockneys were considered a lower class novelty by the rest of London; working class people with the worst English grammar in the English speaking world. "Jock" is the slang word for Scot, so a Cockney Jock is a London-born Scot.  The term was first used for the London Scottish Society and the pipe tune Cockney Jocks was written for the London Scottish Pipe Band.