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Updated 06/14/2019


Crossing the Spital

The Spital is a high neck of land lying between Old and New Aberdeen. The Medieval St Peterís Hospital gave the Spital Road and adjacent hills their names.  Spital, ran from Mounthooly to Old Aberdeen. This was a shelter for infirm brethren of the priesthood, established by Bishop Matthew Kyninmond (1170-99) on the east side of the Spital. This name is a shortening of hospital. It was dedicated to St Peter, the chief of the apostles, and it was intended to be for the weal of the soul of King William the Lion, his ancestors and successors, and of the soul of the Bishop himself and his ancestors and successors.  It was an article of the faith of the old Church of Scotland that the souls of the dead were benefited by the prayers of the living.