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Updated 06/25/2014


Donella Beaton
P/M George Johnstone

Margaret Johnstone Gray youngest sister of the late composer and Pipe Major George Johnstone of Eochdar, South Uist provides the following story of the tune.

A young George coming home on leave disembarked from the Lochmor at Lochboisdale with this tune on pieces of paper in his pocket. H met up with Adam Scott and, after many drams at the Lochboisdale Hotel, handed over this then nameless tune. To his credit Adam was the first person to play this tune in public and I believe won a medal at the South Uist games. He was then given permission by George to name the tune.  My sisters Mary Margaret Johnstone Davies (Shropshire) and Janet Johnstone LoVecchio (Brooklyn New York) both accomplished pipers and I have always known this.  Shortly afterwards, George met Peggy MacKay my lovely sister in law. Had this happened earlier, this tune would have had a very different name.  George Johnstone composed this brilliant tune, Adam Scott named it.