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Updated 08/15/2017


Duke of Perth's Reel

The Duke of Perth also known as Broun's Reel is a traditional Scottish Reel. Although called a reel, the tune meets the criteria for a rant. However, it is usually played at a considerably slower tempo as a Scottish measure, or country dance, in 2/4 time. The dance performed to the tune is also called Duke of Perth and was very popular around Angus, east Fife and Perthshire, to the extent that it was a feature at various hunt balls in the region. The dance is also sometimes called The Broons reel.

Earl of Perth is a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1605 for James Drummond, 4th Lord Drummond. The Drummond family claim descent from Maurice, son of George, a younger son of King Andrew I of Hungary.  James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth was attainted for supporting the Jacobites during the rising of 1715. He had been created Duke of Perth, Marquess of Drummond, Earl of Stobhall, Viscount Cargill, and Lord Concraig in 1701 by the exiled Jacobite claimant to the British thrones, recognized by adherents of the Royal Stuarts as King James III and VIII. This creation, in the Jacobite Peerage, was never recognized by the de facto British government. He and his successors nonetheless continued to claim the Earldom together with the Dukedom.

The Earl of Perth remains the hereditary Clan Chief of Clan Drummond.  John Eric Drummond (born July 7, 1935) is the 9th Earl of Perth. He is also known as the titular (Jacobite) 15th Duke of Perth, 14th Viscount of Strathallan. He succeeded to the titles of 18th de jure Earl of Perth, 12th Lord Drummond of Cromlix, 14th Lord Maderty and 22nd Lord Drummond on 25 November 2002.