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Updated 11/19/2019


Earl of Erroll

The title Earl of Errollis an ancient one in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created in 1453for Sir William Hay. The subsidiary titles held by the Earl of Erroll are Lord Hay (created 1449) and Lord Slains (1452), both in the Peerage of Scotland. The Earls of Erroll also hold the hereditary office of Lord High Constable of Scotland. The office was once associated with great power. The Earl of Erroll is one of four peers entitled to appoint a private pursuivant, with the title "Slains".

The Earl of Erroll is a Child ballad that appears to be based on incidents in the life of the 11th Earl Gilbert Hay, and the bride, Catherine Carnegie, second daughter of James, 2nd Earl of Southesk. They married in January 7, 1658, but were childless. A court case was brought about their marriage --if it went unconsummated, the dowry was not due --but the details have been lost. Earl of Errollis also the name of a Scottish National Dance, danced today at Highland Games around the world.