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Updated 11/21/2019


The Eight Men of Moidart

Moidart is a district in Lochaber, Highland, Scotland to the west of Fort William; the area is very remote and Loch Shielcuts off the south-west boundary of the district. Moidart includes the townships of Dorlin, Mingarry, Kinlochmoidart and Glenuig. At Dorlin is located the ancient fortress of the MacDonalds, Castle Tioram.

The Rough Bounds became a hotbed of Jacobite sympathy. Following the failure of the Jacobite rising of 1745, it was the last part of Scotland in which Bonnie Prince Charlie found sanctuary. Finally leaving Scotland from Loch nan Uamh, he took seven prominent men with him, who despite their places of origin became known as the Seven Men of Moidart (the Second Duke of Atholl, Aeneas MacDonald - brother of the local Laird, Francis Strickland - an English squire, George Kelly - Irish Presbyterian minister, and three Irishmen serving as French soldiers); a commemorative row of beech trees was planted a century later. Perhaps the tune should more accurately be called the seven men of Moidart.

The Macdonalds of Moidart area were the ClanRanald. ClanRanald's pipers were traditionally from a family of MacIntyre's who previously lived at Loch Rannoch. At that time this MacIntyre family were anciently pipersto Menzies of Menzies, and were said to have piped the Menzies forward at Bannockburn, with the famous Faery Pipeswhich were supposed to have magical properties. Some of these MacIntyres moved to Moidart and became pipers to ClanRanald. Today Archie MacIntyre still plays for MacDonald of ClanRanald.