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Updated 09/06/2016


The Bob o' Fettercairn

Fettercairn (Scottish Gaelic: Fothair Chàrdain) is a small village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  The name comes from the Scottish Gaelic Fothair and the Pictish carden and means slope by a thicket. The name appeared as Fotherkern in c. 970.  Historically Fettercairn lies at the southern end of the Monboddo Estate, where the Scottish philosopher and precursor of evolutionary thought, James Burnett, Lord Monboddo, lived. Fettercairn houses the Fettercairn distillery (owned by Whyte and Mackay Ltd.) that produces the "Fettercairn 1824" single malt whisky.

The Bob o’ Fettercairn is an old Scottish reel frequently played as a 4-part strathspey which dates back to the 1700s or possibly earlier.  The tune is also known as The Bob of Fettercairn, Come Kiss Me Come Clap Me, The Braw Lads O’ Jethart, The Braw Lads Of Jedburgh, Kail And Knockit Corn, Newburn Lads, and The Newburn Lads. “Bob” may refer to an individual or - in Scottish dialect - for a patch of grass or corn.