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Updated 06/20/2019


The Flutes of Inverallochy

The villages of Inverallochy and Cairnbulg lie some four miles east of Fraserburgh, in North East Scotland. Inverallochy Castle 1.75 miles south of the village, belonged to the powerful family of Comyn; and till the latter half of the last century retained a stone above the entrance bearing the sculptured arms of the Comyns, with an inscription recording that the estate around it was obtained by Jordan Comyn for building the abbey of deer.

The annual Christmas Day Temperance Walk at Inverallochy is believed to have been started in 1842 at a time when alcohol abuse was rife in the fishing community as a protest against the evils of drink. At the time, band members were required to sign a temperance pledge before taking part in the parade. In recent years, the message about abstinence from alcohol has become more muted, and the walk is now recognized as a celebration of the village itself.

Led by the village flute band who each year place a wreath at the war memorial to conclude the parade the walk takes a route from the local community hall through the village to neighboring Cairnbulg before heading to St Combs.