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Updated 06/20/2019


Hawick Express

Hawick is a town in the Scottish Borders council area and historic county of Roxburghshire in the east Southern Uplands of Scotland. People from Hawick call themselves "Teries", after a traditional song “Teribus” which includes the line "Teribus ye teri odin".

The Hawick Express is perhaps the most well-known of the town's former newspapers, established in October 1870 by James Dalgleish as the ‘Hawick Express and Scottish Border News’. Dalgliesh had desired a bigger share in ownership of the Advertiser (which he published) but Haining declined, resulting in the severance of their business relationship. For many years John Rule was editor and part proprietor, then Mr. Craw took over the business, followed by James Edgar, who was editor as well as proprietor. It was originally priced at 1 penny, and was in competition with the Advertiser. It merged with the Advertiser in 1915 to become the ‘Hawick Express & Advertiser and Roxburghshire Gazette’, then the ‘Hawick Express and Roxburghshire Advertiser’ from 1930 and simply the ‘Hawick Express’ from 1964. It finally merged with The Southern Reporter in 1983.