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Updated 06/05/2018


Hector Munro's Reel

Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet of Foulis was a Scottish soldier, noble and clan chief of the highland Clan Munro. He is also by tradition the 19th Baron and 22nd overall chief of the clan. Hector Munro, 1st Baronet was the younger brother of Robert Munro, 18th Baron of Foulis (the Black Baron) who left only daughters and was therefore succeeded in the chiefship of his clan by his younger brother Hector. They were both sons of Hector Munro, 17th Baron of Foulis.

Hector Munro, 1st Baronet was originally designated "of Clynes" indicating that he was bred for the church. However, early in life he embraced a military career. He was an officer of distinction in Sir Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay's regiment, along with his brother Robert, 18th Baron. Hector Munro served in the Thirty Years' War under Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in his campaign in Germany.

Upon the death of his older brother Robert Munro, 18th Baron of Foulis in 1633, Hector Munro succeeded in his estates, and returned to Scotland in 1634 to take possession of the family estates and assume his position as head of the clan.

Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet had married in July 1619 at Tongue, Sutherland, in Scotland. He married Mary Mackay, daughter of Hugh Mackay of Farr, Sutherland, chief of the Clan Mackay. Mary was also the sister of Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay. Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet and Mary Mackay had four children.

Sir Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet of Foulis (born August 1635). Hector's father the 1st Baronet had died in 1635, the year Hector the 2nd Baronet was born and his more powerful cousins, the Munros of Obsdale and Munros of Lemlair were in majority. Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet is said to have died aged just 17 in 1651. However, different sources give different details of the circumstances surrounding his death.

The Munro MS history written by George Martine between 1673 and 1697 states that Hector died at his uncle Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay's house in 1651, in Durness, Sutherland. However, Fraser's Wardlaw MS disagrees on the year of death and hints at 'suspicion of malfice'. While Burke's Peerage and Baronetage has always stated that he died on his travels in Holland. Whatever the fate of Sir Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet, he was succeeded in the chiefship of the Clan Munro in Ross-shire by his 2nd cousin Robert Munro of Obsdale. See: Sir Robert Munro, 3rd Baronet.