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Updated 05/02/2013


Leaving Arisaig

Arisaig is the name of the peninsula in the south-west corner of the Morar area as well as the name of the village in that corner of Morar.  It lies on the Road to the Isles which leads to Mallaig to the north and Fort William to the east.  The village itself is a nice collection of largely white-painted buildings scattered between the harbor and the line of the new road to Morar, across the hillside just below Arisaig's railway station.

Looking out over tranquil Loch nan Ceall today, it is difficult to believe it saw a naval battle in 1746 when two French ships sent to help the Jacobites after the Battle of Culloden were caught by the Royal Navy in the loch.  The French escaped, after landing their gold. This was subsequently carried inland to Loch Arkaig, where it was allegedly hidden and subsequently lost.