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Updated 05/29/2020


Leaving Glen Urquhart

Glen Urquhart, also spelled Glenurquhart, runs from Loch Ness at Urquhart Bay in the east to Corrimony and beyond in the west. The River Enrick runs along its length, passing through Loch Meiklie. Glenurquhart used to be part of the lands of the Grants of Glenmoriston, with the lands of the Frasers to the north for most of its time.

The Glen plaid (short for Glen Urquhart plaid) or Glenurquhart check is a woolen fabric with a woven twill design of small and large checks. It is usually made of black/grey and white, or with more muted colors, particularly with two dark and two light stripes alternate with four dark and four light stripes which creates a crossing pattern of irregular checks.

The checked wool was first used in the 19th century by the New Zealand-born Countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers, though the name Glen plaid does not appear before 1926.  Glen plaid is also known as the Prince of Wales check, as it was popularized by the Duke of Windsor, when Prince of Wales.

Pee-wee Herman is famous for his light grey Glen plaid suit, and President Ronald Reagan was considered "unpresidential" in a gray-and-blue Glen plaid suit on a European trip in 1982. Cary Grant wore an iconic grey Glen plaid suit in the 1959 American spy thriller film North By Northwest.