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Updated 03/26/2020


Leaving Strathdon

Strathdon is an area in Aberdeenshire, Scotland situated in the strath (valley) of the River Don, 45 miles west of Aberdeen in the Highlands. The main village in the strath is also called Strathdon, although it was originally called Invernochty due to its location at the confluence of the River Don and the Water of Nochty.

Arguably one of the most famous Highland Games in Scotland, and attended by celebrities, the Lonach Highland Gathering & Games take place in this charming community every year. The tradition starts with the Clansmen of the Lonach Highlanders parading through the village.

The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society was founded in 1823 by Sir Charles Forbes, 1st Baronet of Newe and Edinglassie (1773-1849). Membership is drawn from the inhabitants of Strathdon, who continue to fulfil the society’s original mission of preserving Highland dress and “supporting loyal, peaceful, and manly conduct; and the promotion of social and benevolent feelings among the inhabitants of the district.”