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Updated 05/02/2013


Loch Maree

Loch Maree is a loch in Wester Ross in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.   It is the fourth largest freshwater loch in Scotland Loch Maree contains five large wooded islands and over 25 smaller ones. Isle Maree has the remains of a chapel, graveyard, holy well, and holy tree on it, believed to be the 8th Century hermitage of Saint Maol Rubha (d. 722), who founded the monastery of Applecross in 672. The same island also contains ancient stands of oak and holly which have been linked with ancient Scottish druids. The waters of the loch were also thought to have curative effects, with being submerged in the water thought to be a cure for lunacy.  

Like Loch Ness, Loch Maree has its own monster in the form of the muc-sheilch. It is often referred to as the most beautiful loch in the Highlands.