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Updated 05/21/2020


Lord John Scott

Lord John Douglas-Montagu-Scott (13 July 1809 3 January 1860) was a 19th-century landlord and MP for Roxburghshire.

Outside public life Lord John Scott was a keen fisherman, hunter, and yachtsman. He was said to be the best hand with a salmon-leister on the Tweed; indeed there was no form of sport or pastime calling forth dash and energy in which he did not excel.

During his later years John Douglas entertained deep and earnest religious convictions, and his last public appearance at Melrose in defense of genuine Protestant conservatism is said to have been a remarkable display of vigorous eloquence.

There is a statue of Scott in a square in the village of Dunchurch, Warwickshire, that in recent decades has been the 'victim' of a recurring prank; it is dressed as a cartoon character at the yearend holidays. Scott owned the majority of the village until he sold it back before his death in 1860, and his landlordism is perhaps thus avenged