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Updated 06/25/2014


Mark Sheridan's
Fred Morrison

A double Gold Medal-winning Highland Piper, Fred Morrison was born and raised in Bishopton, near Glasgow. He holds the record for the most Macallan Trophy's at the Lorient festival; which is seven times. 

His outstanding technical prowess saw him winning many top competition prizes while still at school, meanwhile being inspired by pioneering acts like the Bothy Band and the Tannahill Weavers. Although his first-love instrument remains the great Highland bagpipes, over the years his mastery has expanded to encompass whistles, Scottish smallpipes, or reelpipes Morrison being a pivotal popularizer of this once-rare variety and Irish uilleann pipes. He was also one of the first Scottish artists to forge dynamic links with his Celtic cousins in Brittany and north-west Spain, adding further to his repertoire of influences and tunes, and has long been renowned as an outstanding tune composer. 

During the 1990s, as well as releasing his debut solo album The Broken Chanter, Morrison was a member of both the landmark Scottish super-group Clan Alba and contemporary Celtic stars Capercaillie, featuring with the latter in the Hollywood movie Rob Roy. He has since pursued a diverse array of collaborative and solo projects, meanwhile releasing two more albums: the unanimously-lauded The Sound of the Sun, in 2000, and 2003s dazzling duo set with Irish bouzouki ace Jamie McMenemy, Up South.