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Updated 05/23/2013


The Mist Covered Mountains

The Gaelic words of this song were written in 1856 by John Cameron of Ballachulish, Scotland, although the title was originally "Dil ri Baile Chaolais fhaicinn" (Hoping to see Ballachulish), and it was set to an air adapted from the English tune "Johnny stays long at the Fair". It was a favorite of King George VI and was played at his funeral. 

It was also played as a lament for President John F. Kennedy's funeral. Pipers from the Black Watch of the Royal Highlanders Regiment lead JFK's November 25, 1963 funeral procession from the White House to St. Matthew's Cathedral.

Lyrics by John Cameron


O chi, chi mi na morbheanna
O chi, chi mi na corrbheanna
O chi, chi mi na coireachan
Chi mi na sgoran fo cheo.

Chi mi gun dail an t-aite 's an d'rugadh mi
Cuirear orm failt' 's a' chanain a thuigeas mi
Gheibh mi ann aoidh abus gradh 'n uair ruigeam
Nach reicinn air thunnaichean oir.


Chi mi ann coilltean, chi mi ann doireachan
Chi mi ann maghan bana is toraiche
Chi mi na feidh air lar nan coireachan
Falaicht' an trusgan de cheo.


Beanntaichean arda is aillidh leacainnean
Sluagh ann an comhnuidh is coire cleachdainnean
'S aotrom mo cheum a' leum g'am faicinn
Is fanaidh mi tacan le deoin.



Oh, roe, soon shall I see them, oh,
Hee-roe, see them, oh see them.
Oh, roe, soon shall I see them,
the mist covered mountains of home!

There shall I visit the place of my birth.
They'll give me a welcome the warmest on earth.
So loving and kind, full of music and mirth,
the sweet sounding language of home.


There shall I gaze on the mountains again.
On the fields, and the hills, and the birds in the glen.
With people of courage beyond human ken!
In the haunts of the deer I will roam.


Hail to the mountains with summits of blue!
To the glens with their meadows of sunshine and dew.
To the women and the men ever constant and true,
Ever ready to welcome one home!