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Updated 11/08/2019


My Lady’s Gown there’s Gairs upon it
Lyrics by Robert Burns

This song occasionally goes by the alternative title of 'My Lord a Hunting'. The lyrics were written by Robert Burns in 1787 and had to wait sixteen years before publication. The Earl mentioned in the song, the Earl of Cassilis, enjoyed the family name Kennedy. The Kennedys were one of the largest and most important families in Burns's home area of Carrick. The tune to the piece has no particular name but is believed to have been the work of the Ayrshire dancing teacher, James Grieg.


Lyrics by Robert Burns

  Chorus.-My lady's gown, there's gairs upon't,
And gowden flowers sae rare upon't;
But Jenny's jimps and jirkinet,
My lord thinks meikle mair upon't.

My lord a-hunting he is gone,
But hounds or hawks wi' him are nane;
By Colin's cottage lies his game,
If Colin's Jenny be at hame.
My lady's gown, &c.

My lady's white, my lady's red,
And kith and kin o' Cassillis' blude;
But her ten-pund lands o' tocher gude;
Were a' the charms his lordship lo'ed.
My lady's gown, &c.
Out o'er yon muir, out o'er yon moss,
Whare gor-cocks thro' the heather pass,
There wons auld Colin's bonie lass,
A lily in a wilderness.
My lady's gown, &c.

Sae sweetly move her genty limbs,
Like music notes o'lovers' hymns:
The diamond-dew in her een sae blue,
Where laughing love sae wanton swims.
My lady's gown, &c.

My lady's dink, my lady's drest,
The flower and fancy o' the west;
But the lassie than a man lo'es best,
O that's the lass to mak him blest.
My lady's gown, &c.