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Updated 05/08/2013


New Year in Noosa
Murray Blair

Noosa is located on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. It is bounded by Maroochy Shire in the south, and Cooloola Shire in the North. The name Noosa comes from the Aboriginal word for shadow or shady place.  The Noosa area was originally home to many Aboriginal tribes. These primarily include the Undumbi tribe to the south, the Dulingbara to the north, and the Gabbi Gabbi to the west.  

Although Captain Cook passed the Noosa coastline during May 1770 it really wasn't until the mid 1800s that it could be said that modern 'white' settlement of the Noosa district really began. This early settlement was primarily driven firstly by timber logging and then secondly a gold rush in the Gympie area, north of Noosa.    In the last 50 years Noosa has been transformed from an isolated fishing village to a popular tourist destination.

Murray Blair is a world renowned piper, musician, composer and producer, and former member of the World Champion Victoria Police Pipe Band.