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Updated 05/24/2013


The Rose of Arranmore

Arranmore (Árainn Mhór in Irish) is the largest inhabited island in County Donegal, and the second largest in all of Ireland.  The island is part of the Donegal Gaeltacht. It is also known in English as Aran Island. In Irish the island was traditionally called Árainn the adjective mór (great) was added fairly recently. It was also sometimes called in Irish Árainn Uí Dhomhnaill the "Aran of the O Donnells". 

Most of the population lives along the southern and (comparatively sheltered) eastern coast. It has been settled since pre-Celtic times, and the few remaining signs of early settlement include a promontory fort to the south of the island and shell middens dotted along the beaches. Its position near the Atlantic shipping lanes was exploited, with a coastguard station and a lighthouse positioned on the most north-westerly point, and a World War II monitoring post set up to look out for U-Boats.


My thoughts today, though I'm far away,
Dwell on Tyrconnell's shore,
The salt sea air and the colleens fair,
Of lovely green Gweedore.
There's a flower there, beyond compare,
That I'll treasure evermore,
That grand colleen, in her gown of green,
She's the Rose of Aranmore

I've travelled far 'neath the northern star,
Since the day I said goodbye,
And seen many maids in the golden glades
Beneath a tropic sky,
There's a vision in my reverie,
I always will adore,
That grand colleen in her gown of green,
She's the Rose of Aranmore.

But soon I will return again
To the scenes I loved so well,
Where many an Irish lad and lass
Their tales of love do tell;
The silvery dunes and blue lagoons,
Along the Rosses' shore
And that grand colleen in her gown of green,
She's the Rose of Aranmore.