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Updated 05/09/2013


Ross' Farewell to  Pangnirtung

Pangnirtung is an Inuit hamlet in the Canadian territory of Nunavut on Baffin Island There is some confusion about the village name. Residents say the real name is Panniqtuuq]], which means "the place of many bull caribou".  Early in 2005 residents voted against officially changing the name of the village, as Pangnirtung has become internationally known as a place of high quality traditional arts. The arts community is well-known for its weaving, printmaking and sculpture.

The Inuit people and their ancestors have inhabited the area for thousands of years, perhaps as long as 4,000. Their cultures were well-adapted to the climate and environment.

Contact with European-Canadians has been much more limited. In 1921, the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post in Pangnirtung. Two years later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police erected a permanent office. The first government-appointed teacher arrived in 1956. The first administrative office was established in 1962.

Murray Blair is a world renowned piper, musician, composer and producer, and former member of the World Champion Victoria Police Pipe Band.