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Updated 11/08/2019


Miss Catherine Maxwell's Scotch Measure
Abraham Mackintosh

Miss Catherine Maxwell’s Scotch Measure was composed by noted fiddler Abraham Mackintosh. Abraham Mackintosh, born 1769, son of the great composer Robert Mackintosh, published "Thirty New Strathspey Reels etc..." composed by him, at Edinburgh c. 1792. A second edition "with additions by the Publishers" includes tunes not composed by him. His 3rd book is "A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs etc...Selected and Composed by Abraham Mackintosh, Teacher of Dancing, Newcastle -upon- Tyne"

The Scotch Measure or Twa Some is a country dance.When this is danced solo it is called the Scotch Measure. When it is danced with two people, one dancer taking the male role and one the female role, it is called the Twa Some. It is supposed to depict the Scottish dating ritual.