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Updated 02/27/2015


The Widow's Rant

The Widow’s Rant is commonly known in Scotland as "Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis". It is also played in Cape Breton under titles such as "Forest and Glen", "Graham’s Brook" and "Highlander’s Jig"

Ben Wyvis (from the Scottish Gaelic: Beinn Uais meaning "Hill of Terror") – not to be confused with Ben Nevis -  is a mountain located in Easter Ross, Ross and Cromarty, Highland, in northern Scotland, north-west of Dingwall.

Ben Wyvis stands on the northern edge of the Clan Munro country. By tradition, the Munros hold their land from the Crown. The King declared that they held their lands on condition of furnishing a snowball at midsummer if required. This condition they could easily fulfil, as snow was to be found in some of the mountain corries of their property all year round.