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Updated 11/14/2018




Family journal reports are the most popular form for publishing genealogy.  The report style begins with one person, in this report, Peter Lea Heineman.

The children of each progenitor are assigned, in order of birth, a number.  In addition, each child is identified in a manner that establishes that child’s overall placement in both the specific family and the larger family described in the report.

All family members are placed in their respective generations, with generation numbers appearing as superscripts following the first name.  In the report, each primary person’s name is followed by a back reference in parenthesis.  The back reference includes the given names and generation numbers of each person in the line back to the progenitor.

For example:

Peter Lea Heineman (Peter Edward2, Wilhelm August3, John Henry4, John (Johannes)5 Heinemann, Johann Jost6, Johann Henrich7)

This indicates that the father was Peter Edward, the grandfather was Wilhelm August, and the great-grandfather was John Henry and so forth back to Johann Heinrich – the oldest record for the family name (progenitor).  This format allows the reader to easily follow a family line and to quickly jump to earlier generations if seeking a particular individual.

The following family journal report traces Peter Lea Heineman’s ancestry back 85 generations. Select any generation to open the corresponding PDF file.

Genealogical Associations LEGEND
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Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of the American Revolution

Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

Sons of American Colonists

Order of Indian Wars

Huguenot Society

Magna Charta Dames and Barons

Descendants of Knights of the Garter

Plantagenet Society

Select any Generation to open the corresponding PDF file
NOTE: Beginning with the 5th Generation, more detail is provided in each report than is reflected in the listings below

Generation 1
Peter Lea Heineman

Generation 2
Peter Edward Heineman
Doris Jean Crum
Sharen Lee Heineman
John Paul Roberts
Lacey Anne Daniel
Sophia Josephine Roberts
Bim August Heineman
Chad August Heineman
Michelle Madden

Generation 3
Wilhelm August Heineman
Lucile Marguerite Jensen
Alfred Arthur Crum
Gladys Mae Linder
Irene Mae Crum
Nathan E. Franzee
Natie Neff Franzee
Mary Linda Wilson
Nathan Earl Frazee
Natalie Joy Frazee
Kim Vivian Frazee
Susan Kay Gosney
Vanessa Dawn Frazee
Curt David Triplett
Anna Lynn Triplett
Beau David Triplet
Adam Blake Frazee
Jennifer Lee Wilson
Nathan Matthew Frazee
Emily Wilson Frazee
Marjorie Louis Crum
Ora Dean Lipper
Shirley Louise Lipper
Gene Schuelka
Genie Schulke Jr.
Larry Dean Lipper
Robert Dean Lipper
Terrie Kay Lipper
Carl Duane Lipper
Kathie Lea
Lori Ann Lipper
David Hammer
Bailie Kayann Hammer
Gage Ethan Hammer
Trace Carl Hammer
Vickie Lea Lipper
Stacey Johnston
Lane Carl Johnston

Generation 4
John Henry Heineman
Bertha Ann Burger
Arthur John Heineman
Emma E. Wirtz
Robert Arthur Heineman
Elaine Simon
John Henry Heineman
Mary Rowe
Karl Heineman
Peter Christen Jensen
Laura Ann Smith
Irene Elizabeth Spicer
Cornelia Francis Spicer
Bertran Ross
Lester Wedge Spicer
Elizabeth Newberry Beebe
Emma Vandercook Spicer
Alfred Edward Au
Harry A. Crum
Bertha Hostmeyer
Alred Authro Crum
Bernice Crum
Wesley Luke Cannon
Charles Carrel Linder
Mary Ellen Laws
Walter Willliam Linder
Mittie Pullens
Bessie Irene Linder
Elonze Knight
Clara Alice Linder
Oscar Moore
Alva Elbert Linder
Eugenia Blaise
Gladys Mae Linder
Hazel Pauline Linder
Lester Raymond Linder
Ruth Link
Lester Carl Lipper
Millie Izetta Billings
Ora Dean Lipper
Kenneth E. Lipper
Mary Ellen Evermon
Nathan Neff Frazee
Edna Vivian Eberheart
Nathan Frazee
Harry Neff Frazeee

Generation 5
Johan (Johannes) Heineman
Sophia Elizabeth Paul
Carl August Burger
Johanna C. Hopp
Christen Jensen
Maren Pouelsdatter
James Henry Smith
John Bethel Claybourn
Mary Ellen Clink
Simeon Franklin Crumb
Mary Matilda Warner
William Laws
Mary Martha McCaslin
Carrel Linder
Mary Saunders

Generation 6
Johann Jost Heinemann
Anna Catharina Peter
Heinrich Paul
Justina Wasmuth
Conrad Pechstein
Katherine Kirchner
Jens Hansen
Ellen Andersdatter
Pouel Christensen
Marie Johannesdatter
Tartan Smith
Lucy Mallory
John D. Duggins
Elizabeth Marshall Duggins

John W. Duggins
Frances Elizabeth Dickinson
Fielding Laws

Generation 7
Johann Henrich Heinemann
Anna Elisabeth Rang
Hans Pedersen
Christen Nielsen
Johannes Pedersen
Karen Pedersdatter
James Smith
Patty Cleveland
Henry Mallory
Lucy (Chandler) Long

Pvt. William T. Duggins
Elizabeth Perkins
Thurston Dickinson
Mary Walker Martin
Joshua Clyburn

Generation 8
Stephen J.K. Smith, Sr.
John Mallory
Grace Smith
Joseph Chandler
William Duggins
William Perkins

Lt. Hudson Martin
Jane Walker Lewis

Generation 9
John Mallory, Sr.
Anne Coyne

Col. Nicholas Lewis
Mary (Capt. Molly) Walker
John James Martin
Sarah Harris

Generation 10
Thomas Mallory
Elizabeth Higgason
Edward Coyne

Col. Robert Lewis
Jane Meriwether

Dr. Thomas Walker
Mildred Thornton Meriwether
Henry Martin
Mary Sparkes

Generation 11
Capt. Roger Mallory

Col. John Lewis II
Elizabeth Warner
Nicholas Meriwether
Elizabeth Crawford

Maj. Thomas Walker
Susannah Peachy
Col. Francis Thornton, Jr.
Mary Taliafero
Roger Martin
Mary Hudson

Generation 12
Rev. Thomas Mallory

Maj. John Lewis
Isabella Warner
Col. Augustine Warner II
Mildred Reade
Lt. Col. John Walker
Rachel Crowshaw
Maj. Francis Thornton
Alice Savage
Nicholas Meriwether
Elizabeth Woodhouse
Col. John Taliafero
Sarah Smith
John Hudson

Generation 13
Rev. Thomas Mallory
Elizabeth Vaughn
John Lewis Pricket
Johane Lewis

Col. Augustine Warner
Mary Towneley

Lt. Col. George Reade
Elizabeth Martiau
Maj. Thomas Walker
Miss Baylor
Capt. Richard Crowshaw
Elizabeth Mallory

Generation 14
Sir William Mallory
Rev. Richard Vaughn
Lewis Rycketts
Catherine Richard
Lawrence Towneley
Jannet Halstead

Lt. Col. Robert Reade
Mildred Windebank

Capt. Nicholas Martiau
Jane Berkley

Generation 15
Sir William Mallory
Richard Lewis
Watkin Morgan
Lawrence Towneley
Margaret Hartley
John Halstead
Andrew Reade
Alice Cooke
Sir Thomas Windebank
Frances Dymoke

Generation 16
Sir John Mallory
Thomas Philip Llewellyn
Lawrence Towneley
Helen Hesketh
Sir Richard Windebank
Sir Edward Dymoke
Anne Talbois

Generation 17
Sir William Mallory
Thomas Lewis John
Henry Towneley
Sir Robert Dymoke
Jane Sparrow
Sir George Talboys

Elizabeth Gascoigne

Generation 18
John Mallory
Lawrence Towneley
Sir Thomas Dymoke
Margaret Welles
Robert Talboys
Sir William Gascoigne
Margaret Percy

Generation 19
William Mallory
John Towneley
Isabel Sherburne
Lionel Welles
Joan Waterton
Sir William Gascoigne
Joan de Neville
Sir Henry Percy
Eleanor Poynings

Generation 20
Richard Sherburne
Matilda Hamerton
Eudo Welles
Maude Greystock
John de Neville
Earl Henry Percy
Eleanor de Neville
Sir Richard de Poynings

Generation 21
Richard Baley
Agnes Stanley
Ralph de Neville
Mary de Ferrars

Sir Henry Percy
Elizabeth Mortimer
Ralph de Neville
Joan de Beaufort
Lord Robert De Poynings

Generation 22
Richard Baley
Margaret Sherburne
Ralph de Nevill
Sir Robert de Ferras

Henry Percy
Margaret de Neville
Earl Edmund Mortimer

Philippa Plantagenet

Sir John de Neville
Maud de Percy

Generation 23
Sir Richard Sherburne
Alice Plumpton
John de Nevill
Sir Robert de Ferras
Elizabeth Boteler
Lord Henry Percy
Mary Plantagenet
Lord Ralph de Neville
Alice de Audley
Earl Roger Mortimer

Duke Lionel Plantagenet
Elizabeth de Burgh

Generation 24
Sir John Sherburne
Sir William Plumpton
Christiana Mowbray
Ralph de Nevill
John de Ferrers
Wahise de Muscegros
Joan de Sudley
Baron Henry Percy
Idoine de Clifford

Earl Henry Plantagenet
Maud Chaworth
Lord Randolph de Neville
Eupheme FitzRoger
Lord Hugh de Audley
Isolt de Mortimer
Sir Edmund Mortimer
Elizabeth Badlesmere
King Edward III
Philippa of Hainault
William de Burgh

Maud Plantagenet

Generation 25
Sir Robert Plumpton
Kucy de Ros
Euphemia FitzRoger
Earl Robert de Ferrers
Alianore de Bohun
Robert de Muscegros
John de Sudley
Baron Henry Percy
Eleanor de Arundel
Lord Robert de Clifford
Maud de Clare

Edmund Plantagenet
Blanche of Artois
Sir Patrick Chaworth
Isabella de Beauchamp
Robert de Neville
Mary FitzRandolph
Lord Robert FitzRoger
Margery LaZouche
James de Aldithley
Ela Longespee
Edmund de Mortimer
Margaret de Fiennes
Earl Roger de Mortimer
Joan de Geneville
Barthalmew de Badlesmere
Margaret de Clare
King Edward II
Isabella de France
Count William of Hainault
Joan de Valois
Earl John de Burgh
Elizabeth de Clare

Generation 26
Sir William de Ros
Eustache Fitzhugh
Robert Fitz Roger
Margaret de Quincy
Humphrey de Bohun
John de Muscegros
Cicly of Bicknor
Lady de Say
Baron Henry Percy

Alianore Plantagenet
Sir Richard Fitz Alan
Alasia de Saluzzo
Sir Roger Clifford
Isabel de Vipont
Lord Thomas de Clare
Juliane Fitzgerald

King Henry III
Eleanor of Provence
Count Robert I
Matilda de Brabant
Patrick Chaworth
Hawise de Lounders
Earl William de Beauchamp
Maud FitzJohn
Robert de Neville
Ralph FitzRandolf
Sir Henry de Audley
Bertred Manwaring
Earl William Longespee
Idonea Camville
Lord Edmund Mortimer
Margaret Fiennes
Piers de Geneville
Joan Lusignan
Gunselm de Badlesmere
Joan FitzBarnard

King Edward I
Eleanor of Castile
King Philip IV
Joan I of Navarre
Count John II
Philippine of Luxemburg
Duke Charles III de Valois
Margaret de Anjou
Earl Richard de Burgh
Hawise de Lanwoller
Earl Gilbert de Clare

Joan of Acre

Generation 27
William de Ros
Lucy Fitz Piers
Ralph Fitz Hugh
Roger Fitz John
William de Ferrers
Agnes de Chester
Humphrey de Bohun
Sir Robert de Muscegros
Helewise Mallett
William de Say
William de Percy
Ellen de Balliol
Earl John de Warren
Alice le Brun
Marquis Thomas I
Luisa de Cave
Sir Roger Clifford
Lord Robert de Vipont
Isabel Fitz John
Earl Richard de Clare
Maud de Lacy
Maurice Fitzgerald
Emeline de Longespee

King John I
Isabella Tallefer
Count Raymond Berenger
Beatrice de Savoie
King Louis VIII
Blance of Castile
Duke Henry II
Maria of Germany
Pain de Chaworth
Thomas de Lounders
William de Beauchamp
Isabel Mauduit
John Fitz Geoffrey
Isabel de Bigod
Geoffrey de Neville
Adam de Audley
Emma Fitzorm
Sir Ralph Mainwaring
Amicia de Meschines

King Henry II
Rosamund de Clifford
Lord Roger Mortimer
Maud de Braose
Lord Geoffrey de Geneville
Maud de Lacy
Bartholomew de Badelesmere
Sir Ralph Fitz Barnard
Joan Aquillon
King Ferdinand III
Johanna of Panthieu
King Phillip III
Isabelle of Aragon
King Henry I
Count John of Avesnes
Aleides of Holland
Count Henry V
Margaret von Bar
King Charles II
Mary of Hungary
Walter de Burgh
Maud de Lacy
William de Lanwoller

Generation 28
Roger Bigod
Isabel of Scotland
Piers Fitz Herbert
Alice Fitz Robert
Hugh Fitz Ralph
Ralph de Greasley

John Fitz Robert
Earl Robert de Ferrers
Sibyl de Braiose
Humphrey de Bohun

William de Mallett II
Alice Basset
William de Say
Henry de Percy
Isabel de Brus
Ingram de Bolliol
Miss de Merkeley
Earl William de Warren
Maud Marshal
Count Hugh le Brun X
Manfredo de Saluzzo III
Beatrice of Savoy
Sir Roger Clifford
Sybilla de Ewyas
John Veteri-Ponti
Sybil de Ferrers

Earl Gilbert de Clare
Isabella Marshall

Earl John de Lacie
Margaret de Quincy
Baron Maurice Fitzgerald
Juliane de Cogan
Stephen Longespee
Emaline Ridelisford
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Count Aymer Taillefer
Alice de Courtenay
Count Alphonso II
Garsinde of Sabran
Count Thomas de   
Beatrix Faucingy
King Philip II Augustus
Isabella of Hainault
Duke Henry I
Matilda of Bologne
Emperor Philip of Swabia
Irene of Byzantium
William Mauduit
Alice de Newburgh
Earl Geoffrey Fitz Piers
Aveline de Clare

Earl Hugh de Bigod
Maud Marshall
Robert Fitz Maldred
Isabella de Neville
Liulf de Audley
Roger Mainwaring
Earl Hugh de Kaveliock
Bertrade D’Evereux

Geoffrey Plantanget V
Baron Walter de Clifford
Margaret de Toeni
Ralph Mortimer
Lord William de Braose
Eva Marshal
Simon de Joinville
Gilbert de Lacy
Gunceline de Badlesmere
Thomas FitzBarnard
Alice de Jarpenville
Robert de Aquillon
Agathe de Beaufor
King Alphonso IX Berengaria of Castile
Simon de Danmartin
Marie of Ponthieu
King Louis IX
Margaret Berenger
King Jamie I
Yolande of Hungary
King Thoblad I
Margaret de Bourbon
Burchard oif Avesnes
Margaret I
Count Floris IV
Matilda of Brabant
Duke Walram III
Ermesind of Luxemburg
Count Henry II
Philippa de Dreux
King Charles I
Beatrice Berenger
King Stephen V
Elizabeth Kumanien
Lord Richard de BurghEgidia de Lacy

Generation 29
King William I
Herbert Fitz Herbert
Lucy of Hereford
Earl William de Ferrers
Margaret Peverel
Humphrey de Bohun
Gilbert Malet
Alice Picot
Thomas Basset

Geoffrey de Say
Joscelyn de Louvain
Agnes de Percy
Adam de Brus II
Walter de Berkeley
Earl Hamlin de Warrene
Isabel de Warrene
Earl William Marshal
Isabel de Clare
Hugh de Lusignan VIII
Amadeus de Maurienne IV
Baron Walter Clifford II
Agnes de Condet
Baron Robert de Ewyas II
Baron Robert Veteri-Ponti
Idonea de Essenine
Sybil Marshall

Earl Richard de Clare
Amicia of Glouchester
Robert de Quincy
Hawise de Kaveliock
Baron Gerald Fitzgerald
Eve de Bermingham
John de Cogan
Ela Devereaux
Walter de Ridelisford
Duke William X
Eleanor Chaterlerault
Count William Taillefer IV
Marguerite de Turenne
Peter de Courtenay
Elizabeth de Courtenay
King Alphonso II
Gersende de Forcalquier
Herbert de Maurienne III
Beatrix de Macon
Henry Faucigny
King Louis VII
Adele of Chapagne
Count Baldwin V
Margaret of Flanders
Duke Godfrey III
Margaret Von Limbourg
Matthew von Lothringen
Mary of Bologne
Emperor Frederick I
Beatrix of Burgundy
Emperor Isaac II
Robert Manduit
Isabel Basset
Waleran de Newburgh
Alice de Harcourt
Piers de Lutegareshale
Earl Roger de Clare
Maud de St. Hilary

Earl Roger de Bigod
Ida Plantagenet
Geoffrey de Neville
Emma de Bulmer
Adam de Aldithley
William Mainwaring
Earl Ranulph des
Maud Fitzrobert
Simon de Montfort III
Maud de Beaumont
Fulk V
King Henry Beauclerc I
Edith of Scotland
Lord Richard Fitz Pons
Maud de Pitres
Ralph de Toeni IV
Roger de Mortimer
Isabel de Ferriers
King Llewellyn ap Iowerth
Tangqystyl Goch
Reginald de Braose
Geoffrey de Joinville IV
Lord Walter de Lacy
Barth. de Badlesmere
Thomas Fitz Barnard
Euginia Picot
William de Jarpenville
Aubrey de Rumenel
Lord Fulk de Beaufoe
King Ferdinand II
Urraca of Portugal
King Alfonso VIII
Eleanor Plantagent
Alberic II
Matilda Dammartin
Count William II
King Pedro II
Maria Montpillier
King Andrew II
Gertrude of Meran
Theobald III
Blanche of Navarre
Archibald de Bourbon VIII
Count Baldwin IX
Count William I
Count Henry IV
Compte Robert de Dreux II
Yolande de Courcy
King Bela IV
Maria Laskaris
William De Burgh
More O’Brien

Generation 30
Earl Henry of Huntingdon
Adelaide de Warren
Herbert Fitz Herbert
Sibyl Corbet
Earl Robert de Ferrers
William Peverel
Henry de Bohun
William Malet
Ralph Picot
Godfrey Barbutus
Baron William de Percy
Alice de Clare
Lord Adam de Crus
Ivetha de Archis
Adelaide of Angers
Earl William de Warrne
Ala Talvas
John Fitz Gilbert Marshal
Sibyl de Salisbury
Earl Richard de Clare
Hugh de Lusignan VII
Geoffrey de Rancon
Roger de Condet
William Veteri-Ponti
Maude de Morville
Count John de Bulli
Cecelia de Busli
Earl William Fitz Robert
Hawise de Beaumont
Betrade D’Evreux
Maurice de Windsor
Alice de Montgomery
Baron de Bermingham
Earl William Deveraux
Eleanor de Vitre
Walter de Ridelisford Sr.
Amabilis Fitz Henry
William IX
Philippa of Toulouse
Aimery de Rochefoucauld
Raimond de Turenne
Matilda de La Perche
King Louis VI
Adelaide de Maurienne
Lord Reinald de Courtenay
Hawise de Donjon
King Fruela I
Count Alphonso VII
Richeza of Poland
William Guillaume VI
Amadeus de Maurienne III
Matilde of Vienne
Comte Gerard de Macon
Maurette de Salins
Count Theobald III
Maud of Carinthia
Count Baldwin IV
Duke Godfrey II
Count Henry II
Matilda of Saffenberg
King Stephen
Matilda of Boulogne
Duke Frederick II
Judith of Bavaria
Count Rainald III
Agathe de Lorraine
Earl Roger de Newburgh
Gundred de Warren
Robert de Harcourt
Isabel de Camville
Lord Richard de Clare
Adeliz de Kaveliock
James du Harcourt
Earl Hugh de Bigod
Juliana de Vere
Dolfin Standropshire
Gilbert de Neville
Ivo Tailebois
Lucy Taillebois
Robert de Caen
Mabel Fitzhamon
Count Amauri de Montfort
Agnes de Garland
Earl Robert de Beaumont
Fulk IV
Bertrada de Montfort
Count Helias
Agnes of Aquitaine
King William I
Matilda of Flanders
King Malcolm MacDuncan
Margaret Atheling
Pons Fitz Pons
Walter de Pitres
Ralf de Toeni III
Isabel de Montfort
Earl Waltheof II
Judith of Normandy
Hugh de Mortimer
Maud le Meschin
Walkelin de Ferriers
Goda de Toeni
Iowerth Drwyndwn
William de Braose
Matilda de Fay
Geoffrey de Joinville III
Felicite de Brienne
Lord Hugh de Lacy
Rose of Monmouth
Marchall David Rumenel
Berenguela Berengar
King Alfonso Henriques
Matilda de Maurienne
King Sancho III
Blanche of Navarre
Renaud de Clermont II
Count John I
Guillem VIII
Eudozia Comnenus
King Bela III
Margaret of France
Duke Bertold III
King Sancho VI
Sanch of Castile
Count Henry I
Mary of France
Count Floris III
Count Godfrey of Namur
Ermesind of Luxemburg
Sir Ralph de Courcy
Emperor Theodore
Adelm de Burgh
Agnes of France
King Donal mar O’BrienUrlachan of Leinster

Generation 31
Staint David I
Earl William de Warrene
Elizabeth de Crepi
Herbert of Winchester
Emma of Blois
Earl Robert de Ferrers
Hawise de Vitre
Robert Malet
Henry II of Brabant
Adela of Thuringa
Baron Alan de Percy
Emma de Gant
Robert de Brusse II
Agnas Paganall
Count William Talvas
Helie Borel
Gilbert Marshal
Walter de Salisbury
Maude de Chaworth
Earl Gilbert de Clare
Isabel de Beaumont
King Diarmait
Moringen O’Toole
Hugh de Lusignan VI
Hildegarde de Thouars
Lord Harold de Sudeley
William Ceteri-Ponti
Matilda St. Andrew
Hughes de Morville
Beatrice de Beauchamp
Richard de Bulli
William de Busli II
Rohese Fitz Gilbert
Simon de Montford
Amice de Beaumont
Gerald de Windsor
Henry Fitz Henry
Count William IV
Boson de Turenne
Gerberge de Terrasson
Geoffrey de la Perche
Beatrice of Montdidier
King Philip I
Bertha of Holland
Humbert de Maurienne
Gisele of Burgundy
Frederick de Donjon
King Alfonso I
Hermesinda of Austrias
Conde Raymond
Urraca of Castile
Duke Wladyslaw II
Bertrand de Forcalquier
Jascaranni de La Flotte
William de Macon III
Ponce de Traves
Count Steven Henry II
Duke Ingelbert II
Count Baldwin III
Ida of Namur
Count Valeran III
Jutta of Guelders
Count Adolph
Count Eustace III
Mary of Scotland
Duke Frederick
Duke Henry
Etienne de Macon
Duke Simon de Lorraine
Earl Henry de Beaumont
Margaret du Perche
Richard de Camville
Lord Gilbert de Clare
Alice de Clairmont
Roger de Bigod
Alice de Toeny
Aubrey de Vere
Uchtred Fitz Maldred
Sybilla Corbet
Lord Robert Fitzhamon
Sibyl de Montgomery
Simon de Montfort
Agnes Evereux
Robert de Beaumont
Amice de Waer
Hugh de Grantmesnil II
Geoffrey Of Gastinois
Ermengard d’Anjou
William VI
Hildegard of Burgundy
Duke Robert I
Officer Herleva
Count Baldwin V
Adela of France
King Duncan I
Aeflaed of Northumbria
Edward Atheling
Pons Fitz Williams
Roger de Pitres
Roger de Toni
Godehilde de Barcelona
Earl Syward
Elfleda of Northumbria
Lambert von Boulogne
Adeliza of Normandy
Hugh Mortimer
William le Meschin
Roger de Toeni III
Ida of Hainault
King Owain ap Gruffydd
King Madog ap Maredudd
Lord William de Braose
Maude de St. Valerie
Gilbert de Lacy
Raymond Borrell Berengar
Count Henry
Teresa of Castile
King Garcia Ramirez IV
Marguerite de l’Aigle
Hugh de Creil
Marguerita de Rourcy
Renauld de Bar-Le-Duc
Gisele de Baudemont
King Geza II
Euphrosyne of Kiev
Constance of Castile
Count Dirk VI
Count Conrad
Earl William de Burgh
King Turloch O’Brien
Raignait O’Fogurty
King Dermot MacMurrough
Cacht O’Moore

Generation 32
Earl Walter of Huntingdon
Earl William de Warrene
Hugh de Crepi
Adelaide de Vermandois
Henry de Ferrieres
Andre de Vitre
Agnes of Mortain
Count Labert II
Oda of Lorraine
Count Eberhard
Baron William de Percy
Emma de Port
Gilbert de Gant
Alice de Montfort
Robert de Brusse
Emma RamseyEarl Robert de Belleme
Duke Eudes Borel
Sibylle de Bourgogne
Edward de Sallisbury
Patrick de Chaworth
Maud de Hesdin
King Donnchadh
King Mouirchertach
Cacth ingen Loigsig
Hugh de Lusignan V
Almadis le Marche
Aimery IV
Aurengarde de Mauleon
Earl Ranulf de Sudeley
Robert de Veteriponte
Robert de Beauchamp
Jordanus de Buli
William de Busli
Hawise D’Espec
Baldwin de Clare
Adelaine de Rolos
Walter Fitz Other
King Rhys ap Tewdwr
Nest of Wales
Count Pons of Toulouse
Almodis de la Marche
King Henry I
Anne of Kiev
Amadeus de Maurienne II
Jeanne of Geneva
Count William of Burgundy
Etinette de Longwy
Duke Pedro of Cantabria
King Pelayo
King Alfonso VI
Constance of Burgundy
Duke Boleslaus III
Sbislava of Kiev
Count William Guillaume V
Arnaud de La Flotte
Count Theobald II
Garsende von Maine
Matilda of Flounders
Count Baldwin II
Ida of Loucain
Count Albert III
Count Henry I
Adela of Pottenstein
Gerard of Guelders
Ermengarde of Zutphen
Count Adalbert
Hildegarde of Swabia
Kaiser Heinrich IV
Bertha of Savoy
Duke Thierry de Lorraine II
Hedwig von Frombach
Roger de Beaumont
Adeline de Meulan
Count Geoffrey du Perche
Beatrice de Montdidier
Richard de Clare
Rophese Giffard
Count Hugh de Claremont
Robert Bigod
Robert de Toeny
Baldricus Teutonicus
Earl Roger de Montgomery
Mabel Talvas
Baron Amaury de Montfort
Count Richard of Ebreux
William de Garland
Count Guy de Montlhery
Elize de Corbiel
Robert de Beaumont
Isabel de Vermandois
Earl Ralph de Guader II
Emma of Hereford
Ivo de Grantmesnil
Daughter of Gilbert
Count Geoffrey III
Beatrix of Macon
Fulk III
William III
Agnes de Macon
Duke Robert I
Duke Richard II
Judith of Brittany
Fulbert Tanner
Baldwin IV
Ogive of Luxemburg
Mormaer Crinan
Earl Ealred
AEfflaed of Bernicia
King Edmund II
Margrave Ludolphe
William of Hiesmes
Lefietna d’Harcourt
Ralph de Toni II
Judith of Huntingdon
Lord EAldred
Lord Ralph de Mortimer
Ranulph de Brayeux
Maud d/Avranches
Yolande of Guelders
King Gruffydd ap Cynan
Lord Llywarch ap Trahaern
King Maredudd
Sheriff William de Braose
Bertha de Pitres
Roger de Lacy
Count Borrell II
Henry of Burgundy
Sibylle of Barcelona
Agnes of Poitou
Ramiro Sanchez
Christina de Vivar
Gilbert de l'Aigle
Julienne du Perche
Renaud de Clermont
Daughter of Baudouin II
Aliz de Roucy
Thierry de Bar-Le-Duc
Ermentrude of Burgundy
Count Gerard of Lorraine
Edith of Egisheim
Emperor John Comnenus
King Bela II
Prince Mstislav II
Ljubav Saviditsch
Count Floris II
Count Gilbert
Earl Robert de Mortain
Maud de Montgomery
King Dermot O’Brien
Sabh Macarthy
Prince Cuchoru O’Moore

Generation 33
Rudolf de Warrene
Gerbod of St. Omer
King Henry I
Matilda of Germany
Anna of Kiev
Herbert de Vermandois IV
Adela de Vexin
Theobald III
Alix de Crepi
Engenulf de Ferriers
Ruivallon de Vitre
Genergan de La Vicaire
Count Lambert
Gerberga of Bravant
Duke Gozelo
Count Otto
Count Baldwin 
Richilda of Hainault
William De Brusse
Agnes de St. Clare
Girold Dapifer
Patrick de Chaworth Sr
Ernulf de Hesdin
King Murchadh
Gilla Comgaill O’Toole
King Loigsen O’Morda
Gormlaith O’Caellaide
Hugh de Lusignan IV
Aldeareade of Thouars
Geoffrey de Thouars II
Count Dreuz de Sudeley
Osgood Clapa
Richard de Rolos
Daughter of de Evermer
Dominus Other
Tewdwr Maw r ap Cadell
Rhiwallon ap Cynfyn
Rhys ap Tewdwr
Gwladus of Powys
Count Bernard de la Marche
Prince Yaroslav of Kiev
Ingigerd Olafsdottir
Oddone de Maurienne
Adelaide of Turin
Count Gerald I
Count Renauld I
Duke Flavia
Ferdinand I
Sancha de Leon
Helie de Semur
Duke Wladyslaw I
Prince Svyatopolk II
Count Ermengaud IV
Adelaide de Frcalquier
Count Odo II
Heribert von Maine
Count Valeran II
Jutta of Luxemburg
Count Bodon
Gerard III
Dau. of Molsberg
Count Otto II
Judith of Arnstein
Count Hermann
Duke Otto II
King Kaiser Heinrich III
Agnes of Poitou
Duke Gerard de Lorraine
Frederick von Frombach
Count Waleran de Meulan
Hilduin de Montdidier
Count Gilbert
Walter Giffard
Robert Bigod I
Wigelius de Courci
Roger de Montgomery I
Lord William Talvas II
Baron William de Montfort
Archbishop Robert
Lord Guy de Monthery I
Hadrierne de Gometz
Count Bouchard II
Adelaide de Crecy
Roger de Bello-Mont
Adelise de Meulan
Hugh Magnus
Adelaide de Vermandois
Emma of Ivry
William Fitz Ozbern
Adelina de Toni
Hugh de Grantmesnil I
Alice de Beaumont
Gilbert De Gant
Jeanne de Montfort
Count Alberic de Macon II
Ermentrude de Roucy
Geoffrey Grisegonelle I
Adelais of Vermandois
Count Othon de Macon
King Robert II
Constance of Arles
Duke Richard I
Gunnor of Crepon
Duke Conan I
Count Arnolph II
Rozela of Italy
Count Frederick
Mormaer Duncan
King Malcolm MacKenneth
King AEthelred II
Margrave Brunon II
Gisele of Schwaben

Arnold of Gand
Turketil de Turqueville
Ralph de Toeni I
Crinan the Thane
Bethoc of Scotland
Lord Roger de Mortimer
Ranulph de Brayeux I
Alice of Normandy
Richard d’Avranches
Emma de Conteville
Cynan ap Iago
Ranult of Dublin
Lord Owain ap Edwin
King Trehaern ap Caradoc
Nest Gruffydd
King Bleddyn ap Cynfyn
Lord Efnydd ao Gwerny
Earl Miles de Pitres
Walter de Lacy
Sancho Garces
Costanza de Maranon
Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar
Jimena Diaz
Baudouin de Clermont II
Hildouin de Rameru II
Archbishop Ebles I
Beatrix of Hainaut
Count Louis of Bar
Sophia Bar-Le-Duc
Count Gerard II
Petronilla of Verdun
Emperor Alexis Comnenus
Duke Almos
Predeslava of Kiev
Duke Vladimir II
Dimitri Sviditsch
Count Dirk V
Herlouin de Conteville
Roger de Montgomery
Mabel de Belleme
King Turlock
Gormlaith O’Forgurty
King Tiadgh Macarthy

Generation 34
Rudolf de Warrene
Beatrice de Vascoeuil
Ermengarde of Auvergne
Henry de Ferriers
Martin de Vitre
Count Regnier III
Adela of Dagosbourg
Duke Charles
Count Godfrey
Princess Adelaide
Count Renier of Mons
Robert de Brusse
Emma of Britany
Waldren de St. Clare
King Demod Macmael
Dunncuan O’Toole
Sadb ingen Mael Morda
King Amargen O’Morda
Gormflaith O’Neil
Kin Finn O’Caellaide
Hugh de Lusignan III
Viscount Raoul I
Vicount Savery III
Count Walter II
Emma of Normandy
Hugh de Evermer
Thurfrida of Bourne
Gherardo Gherardini
Cadell ap Einion
Gwyn ap Thytherch
King Cynfyn of Powys
Angharad Ferch

St. Vladimir of Kiev
Rogneda von Polotsk
King Olaf Skotkonung
Astrid of the Obotrites
Humbert I
Count Ulric Manfred II
Bertha Este
Count Ayman
Bertha of Burgundy
King Chinaswind
King Sancho II Garces
Munia Mayor Sanchez
King Alfonso V of Leon
Damas I
Duke Casimir I of Poland
Dobronega of Kiev
Prince Izyaslav I of Kiev
Gertrude of Poland
Count Ermengaud III
Count William IV
Count Odo I of Blois
Bertha of Burgundy
Count Valeran I of Arlon
Adela of Bar
Frederick of Luxemburg
Gerberge of Bologne
Hartwig II of Pottenstein
Gerard II of Wassenberg
Bertha of Zutphen
Adelheid of Zutphen
Louis of Arnstein
Kaiser Konrad II
Count Gerard of Metz
Robert II de Meulan
Adela de Vexin
Godfrey of Brionne
Thuurstain de Goz
Elfgifu of England
Lord Charles of Courci
Hugh de Montgomery
Sibell de Crepon
William I de Belleme
Amaury I
Lord Thibault de Monthery
Lord William of Gometz
Count William of Corbiel
Humphrey de Vielles
Aubree de la Haie
Oda de Counteville
Count Ralph of Ivry
Osbern de Crepon
Emma de Bayeux
Robert de Grantmesnil
Hawise D’Euschauffon
Yvress II de Beaumont
Raoul de Gant
Hugh II de Montfort
Alice de Beauffou
Count Renaud of Rheims
Alberade of Lorraine
Fulk II of Anjou
Gerverga of Gatinais
Robert of Troyes
Adella of Troyes
King Adalbert of Italy
Gerberge of Chalons
King Hugh Capet
Adelais of Normandy
William III of Toulouse
Duke William I
Sporta of Senlis
King Harold Gormsson
Count Baldwin III
Batilda Billung
King Berener II of Ivrea
Willa of Tuscany
Count Siegfried
Hedwig of Nordgau
King Kenneth MacMalcolm
King Edgar
Ealdorman Thored
Count Brunon I
Hildiswind of Croatie
Hugh de Calvalcamp
Malcolm II of Scotland
Walthe of Northumberland
Baron Ealdhum
Raoul de Warenne
Anschitil of Bessin
Richard III of Normandy
Trustain de Goz
Judith de Monterolier
Herleve of Falaise
King Iago ab Idwal
Olaf of Dublin
Prince Gruffydd
Cilin ap y Blaidd
Bernard of Neugmarche
Count Guifre
Widinille of Flanders
Ramon Sanchez
King Sancho IV
Count Balswin I
Count Hilpuis
Count Geselbert
Count Regnier IV
Hedwig of France
Louis of Mousson
Duke Frederick II
Maud of Swabia
Count Hugo IV
King Geza I of Hungary
Prince Vsevolod I of Kiev
Irene of Byzantium
King Harold II
Edith Swanneshals
Count Floris I
Gertrude of Saxony
Count Sigefrid
Count John de Bourg
Roger I de Montgomery
William Talvas
Prince Muircadhach

Generation 35
Tesselin of Rouen
Count Regnier II
King Louis IV
Felicia of Normandy
King Donnchad
Hugh II de Lusignan
Herbert I
Aldearde D’Aunay
Walter I d’Amiens
Hereward of Bourne
Einion ap Owain
Prince Maredudd
Svyatoslav I of Kiev
Rognvald von Polotzk
King Eric VI Bjornsson
Sigrid the Haughty
Prince Mieceslas
Berthold of Maurienne
Hinna of Scheyern
Count Manfred I
Prangorda of Reggio
Margrave Oberto II
Matilda of Burgundy
King Garcia II Sanchez
Jimena Fernandez
Sancho de Castile
King Vermundo of Leon
Menendo Gonzalez
King Mieszko II of Poland
Richeza of Palatine
Ermengaud II
Velasquita de Besalu
Bertrand I of Provence
Theobald I of Blois
Luitgarda of Vermandois
Conrad III of Burgunday
Conrad of Arlon
Irmintrud of Gueldre
Eustace I of Bologne
Maud of Louvain
Count Ariba III
Gerard I of Wessenberg
Wernher of Zutphen
Bertha of Alsace
Ludolph of Zutphen
Arold of Arnstein
Emperor Frederick II
Robert I de Meulan
Gauthier II
Adela of Senlis
Ansfred de Goz
Ethelred II of England
Herfast de Crepon
Yves I de Creil
Isaac of Combray
Bouchard II de Montlhery
Mauger of Corbiel
Germaine de Corbiel
Turof of Pontaudemar
Alberto I of Tuscany
Raul of Bayeux
Erneburge de Caux
Giroi D’Eschauffon
Gisele de Montfort
Yvres I de Beaumont
Gisele de Chevereuse
Adalbert of Gand
Ermengard of Flanders
Hugh I de Montfort
Richard de Beauffou
Emme de Bayeux
Herbert II of Vermandois
Liegarde of France
Duke Giselbert
Fulk I of Anjou
Gilbert of Chalon
Ermengarde of Burgundy
Lambert of Chalons
Hugh “The Great” Capet
William I of Poitou
Adele of Normandy
Raymond III of Toulouse
Rolf Ragnvaldsson
Poppa of Normandy
Hubert I
Arnolph I of Flanders
Alice of Vermandois
Herman Billung
Adalbert of Ivrea
Gisela of Friula
Ricuinus of Ardenne
Eberhard IV of Hohenbugh
Luitgarde of Tries
King Malcolm MacDonald
King Edmund I
Saint AElfgifu
Ordgar of Devon
Henry I of Bavaria
Judith of Bavaria
Gautier de St. Martin
Onfray D’Exmes
Ednowen Bendew
Gwerfyl of Hereford
King Llewelyn ap Seisyll
AElfgar of Mercia
Osbern fitzRichard Scrob
Sunifred I of Urgell
Baldwin I of Flanders
King Garcia III Sanchez
Estefania of Barcelona
Gerard of Alsace
Eva of Luxemburg
Thierry I or Lorraine
Herman II of Swabia
Gerberga of Burgundy
Hugues III Von Egisheim
Berlinda of Ortenburg
King Bela I of Hungary
Emperor Constantine VIII
Goodwin of Wessex
Dirk III of Holland
Wigeric of Luxemburg
Matilda of Saxony
Hugh DeMontgomery
Josceline Pontaudemer
William de Belleme
King Brien Borom

Generation 36
Regnier I of Nainaut
Hersent of France
King Charles III of France
King Henry I “The Fowler”
St. Matilda
Ostrida of Gothland
Gormflath MacFinn
Hugh I la Melusine
King Owain ap Hywel Dha
Angharad Ferch
Igor I of Kiev
Olga of Kiev
King Bjorn of Sweden
Prince Mistui II
Amadeus of Ringelheim
Gemma of Bavaria
Count Ardoino
Count Attone
Oberto I
Guilla of Spoleto
King Conrad
Matilda of France
King Sancho II Arbaca
Uracca de Castile
Fernando Bermudez
Garcia I de Castile
Ava de Ribogaza
Salvador Perez
King Ordona III of Leon
Aragonta Pelaez
King Boleslaus I of Poland
Judith of Hungary
Ezzo of Palatine
Matilda of Saxony
Count Ermengaud I
Count Bernardo I
Adelaida of Barcelona
Count Guillaume II
Gerberge de Bourgogne
Count Gello of Blois
Herbert II
Baudouin II of Bologne
Adele of Holland
Count Aribo II
Count Gerlach
Count Edna of Lorraine
Matilda of Saxony
Ulric of Arnstein
Gautier I of Vexintamiens
Eve of Breux
Berhard of Senlis
Ansfred “The Dane”
Raoul of Cambray
Bouchard I de Montlhery
Ildegarde de Bois
Albert de Corbiel
Torf the Rich
Bonifacio II of Tuscany
Asperieng of Vaudreuil
Arnold le Gros
Thurston de Montfort
Yvres de Beaumont
Baldwin IV of Flanders
Raoul de Beauffou
Raoul of Bayeux
King Robert I
Hugh “The Black”
King Robert I of France
King Edward of England    AEflaeda
Ebalus of Poitou Manzer
Robert of Norway
Raymond II of Toulouse
Ragnald I “The Wise”
Ranghild Hrolgsdottir
Berenger of Bayeaux
Peppin II of Peronne
Baldwin II of Flanders
Billung of Saxony
King Berenger I
Bertil of Spoleto
Ermentrude of France
Hugh III of Hohenbugh
King Donald II     
Arnulf of Bavaria
Judith of Friuli
Osmet de Goz
Owen Bendew
Eva of Glamorgan
Llydocca of Hereford
Angharat of Wales
Bello of Carcassonne
Anachar “Great Forester”
King Charles I
Eberhard IV
Bertha of Mez
Frederick I Bar-Le-Duc
Otto of Swabia
Immeltrudis of Lorraine
Vazul of Hungary
Emperor Romanus II
Theophano of Byzantium
Wulfnoth of Sussex
Thorkils Sprakalegg
Arulf of Holland
Herman Billung
Herfastus de Crepon
Ivres I de Belesme
King Cenneidig
Beavionn of Connaught

Generation 37
Giselbert of Darnau
Ermengarde of Lorraine
King Louis II
Otto of Saxony
Heudebert of Saxony
Sigurd II
King Hywel Dda
Llewylyn ap Mervyn
Prince Rurik of Kiev
King Eric of Sweden
Mieceslas I
Ardoino Margrave
Sigifredo Di Canossa
Adalberto II
King Rudolph II
Bertha of Swabia
King Garcia I Sanchez
Andregoto Galindez
Fernan Gonzalez
Sancha of Pamplona
Vermundo Nunez
Raimundo II de Riborgaza
Gersenda de Fezensac
Pedro Fernandez
King Ramiro II of Leon
Mieszko I of Poland
King Geza of Hungary
Hermann of Palantine
King Otto II of Saxony
Theophanu Skleros
Count Oliba
Ermengarda of Ampurias
Ramon Borell
Count Guillaume I
Adelaide D’Anjou
Herbert I de Vermandois
Bertha of Morvois
Gui of Bologne
Count Ottakar I
Otto I of Zutphen
Herman I of Lorraine
Raoul de Gouy
Hildegarde of Flanders
Count Landry of Breux
Count Peppin II of Senlis
Count Ayman
Bernard “The Dane”
Sphreta de Burgundy
Lancelot de Brequebed
Boniface I of Tuscany
Count Rutpert IV
Adelaide of Tours
Count Hugh III
Richard of Autun
Adelaide of Auxere
Robert “The Strong”
King Alfred “The Great”
St. Ealhswith of Gaini
Ramnulf II of Poitou
Eudes of Toulouse
Gersinde D’Alby
Eystein Glumra
Aseda of Jutland
King Bernhard
Kunigunda Cunegonde
Count Athelbert
Duke Guido I
Count Eberhard of Friuli
Duke Suppo II
King Constantine I
Sigehelm of Kent
Liutpold of Bavaria
Kunigunde of Swabia
Ansfrid de Goz
King Idwal Foel
Gyrant of Glamorgan
Angharat of Gwent
Tudor Trevor
Angharat of Wales
King Iago ab Idwal
King Louis I of Aquitaine
Hughes I of Alsace
Hildegarde de Ferrette
Adalbert III of Metz
Luitgard D’Ardennes
Prince Hugh “The Great”
Hawise of Saxony
Luitolph of Swabia
Ida of Swabia
Michael of Hungary
Emperor Constantine VII
Helen Lecapenus
Stybjorn of Sweeden
Thyra Haraldsdottir
Count Dirk II of Holland
Billung of Stubeckeshorn
Count Fulk de Corbonais
Lord Arca
Prince Donnchadh

Generation 38

Giselbert of Massgau

Emperor Lothar I

Ermengarde of Tours

Count Adalard

Count Luidolf of Saxony


King Arnulf of Cainthia

Oda of Bavaria

Walput of Ringelheim

Hlodve “The Viking”


King Cadell ap Rhodri

King Edmund of Birka

Mistui I

Count Adalberto

Boniface of Tuscany

King Rudolph I

Buchard I of Swabia

Regerlined of Nellenburg

King Sancho I Garces

Urraca of Pamplona

King Ordona II of Leon

Elvira Hermenegildez

Count Guttiere Osorez

Ildonicia Guiterrez

Ziemonislaw of Poland


Taksony of Hungary

King Otto I “The Great”

Adelaide of Lombardy

Count Miro

Ava of Bigorre

Gausbert of Ampurias

Borell II of Barcelona

Luitgarde of Toulouse

Waifri of Aquitaine

Boso III of Provence

Guerri I

Eve of Roussillon

Ernicule of Bologne

Count Arebo I

Everhard of Niederlahngau

Wichard II of Pont

Theobald I of Dillengen

Alix de Vemandois

Pepin of Vermandois

Count Rogenwald

Osmond the Dane

Count Rupert III


Count Luitfride II


King AEthelwulf


AEthelred “The Great”


Rammulf I of Poitou

Raymond I of Toulouse

Ermengarde D’Alby

Earl Ivar

Rognald of Jutland

King Pepin

Bertha of Toulouse

Lambert of Nantes

Hunroch of Friuli


King Kenneth MacAlpin

Hrolf Turstan

Gerlotte of Blois

King Anarawd ap Rhodri

Ithel of Glamorgan

King Gwyn



King Charlemagne


Eberhard III of Alsace

Gerard I of Metz

Voiry D’Ardennes

Matilda of Ringelheim

Gebbard of Franconia

Oda of Aquitaine

Emperor Leo VI

Emperor Romanus I



King Olaf of Sweden

Gyrid Olafsson

Count Dirk I of Holland

Athelbert of Sachsen

King Caellachan

Generation 39

Count Gainfroi

Theidlindis of Blois

Irmengard of Hesbain

Count Hugh II of Tours

King Carloman

Wigbert of Saxony

Thorfin I “Skull Cleaver”

Grelod of Gaithness

King Kiarva

King Rhodri Mawr


King Erik


Adalberto I

Rotilda of Spoleto

Count Conrad II

Ermentrude of Alsace

Burchard I of Thurgovie

García Íñiguez

King Alfonso III


Guifre of Barcelona

Guineldilda Borell

Count Unifred Bernat

Sunyer II of Ampurias

Raymond III of Aquitaine

Gersende of Narbonne

Acfred II of Carcassonne

Ratbald II of Arles

William I of Montreuil

Ernst II

Everhard of Niederlahngau

Armalrada of Ringelheim

Godfrey of Pont

Count Hupald I

King Bernard of Lombardy

Rupert II


Saint William

Duke Luitfride I

King Egbert


Oslac of Hampshire

Raymonde II de Rouerge

Halfdan “The Old”

Eystein Glumra

King Olaf II

William of Toulouse

Guido of Nantes

Count Begue


King Alpin

Hrollager of Maer

Owen of Glamorgan

Cadfarch of Whittington


King Pepin “The Short”


Geraud of Swabia

Emma of Alamannia

Eberhard II of Alsace

Adalbert II of Metz

Dietrich of Ringelheim

Gisele of Lorraine

Count Udo

Emperor Michael III


Generation 40

Mainier of Austria

Count Aubri of Blois

Count Luitfride II

King Louis the German

Ansgarde of Burgundy

Witteking “The Great”

Geva of Denmark

Turf Einar I

King Merfyn Frych


Prince Meuric

King Bjorn

Mieceslas of the Obotrites

Boniface II

Conrad I of Burgundy


Adalbert II of Thurgovie

Prince Siemowit

Grand Prince Arpad

Sunifred I of Urgel

Ramon I of Bigorre

Sunyer I of Ampurias

Eudes V of Narbonne

Requilda of Barcelona

Oliba II of Carcassonne

Ratbold I of Arles

Rotgaire of Montreuil

Marquess Ernst I

Reinhildis Ludmilla


Duke Adelbert

King Edmund

Remengaud de Rouerge

King Sveide “The Viking”

Earl Hogne


Lambert of Nantes

Count Girard


King Eochaid IV

Ragenwald of Maer

King Morgan Hen

Carader Yreichfras

King Charles Martel

Rotrou of Treves

Count Canbert

Duke Hnabi

Eberhard I of Alsace

Adalbert I of Metz


Emperor Lothair II

Eberhard II of Nordgau

Emperor Theophilos



Generation 41


King Wernicke

Gunilda of Rugen


King Gwriad


King Cadell ap Brochfael

Prince Dufnwal

King Ragnar Lodbrok


Boniface I

Guelph I of Altdorf

Edith of Saxony

Judith of Bavaria

Count Ulric I of Thurgovie

Piast "The Wheelwright"

High Prince Almos

Bella of Carvasonne

Count Lllop of Bigorre

Franocn II of Narbonne

Ersinde of Ampurias

Guilfre II Borell

Gersinde of Ampurias

Eudes of Carcassonne

Herluin II of Montre

Wichard I of Pont

Rupert I


Duke Adalric



Earl Eystein

King Halfdan II


Guido of Treves

Mayor Carloman

King Aed Find “The Fair”

King Owen of Gwent

Duke Pippin II

St. Lievin

Houching of Alamannia

Alberic of Alsace

Emperor Michael II

Count Begue of Paris

King AEthelred I


Generation 42

King Dagobert II

King Dieterick


King Elidyr

King Cynan Dindaethwy

King Brochfael


Billung I

Lord Isembert

Irmintrudis of Swabia

Count Adelbert I



Llop Donat of Bigorre

Mayeul of Narbonne

Obila I of Carcassonne

Helgaud of Ponthieu

Otto of Pont




King Siegbert III


Eystein I

Bishop Leoduin

King Eochaid III

Spondana of the Picts

King Howell of Gwent

Duke Ansgise

St. Bega

Count Warinus


Duke Godefroy

Count Ethico II

Count Girard of Paris

Generation 43

King Sighard


King Billung of Wenden

King Sandde

King Rhodri Molwynog

King Elisedd

Prince Seisyll

Aribert I

Lord Warinus


Emma of Almannia

Hunifriod de La Retie

Dato Donat of Bigorre

Lindoin of Narbonne


Herluin of Ponthieu


King Dagobert I


Halfdan I

Countess Gunza

King Eochaid II


King Rhys of Gwent

St. Arnulf

Pipin I


Generation 44

King Berthold

King Tegid

King Idwal Lwrch

King Gwylog


Prince Clydawe

King Vislas of Obortrites


Eberhard of Alsatia

Donat Loup of Bigorre

Francon I of Narbonne


Helgaud I of Ponthieu



King Clothar II


King Olaf I

King Domangart II

Badegeisel II



Dado of Saxony

Generation 45

Prince Bodicus

King Gwyar


King Cadwaladr

King Beli ap Eiludd

King Nowy

Prince Artholes

Aripert II

Duke Adelbertus

Loup Centulle of Gascony

Nithard “The Chronicler”

Duke Richmeres


King Chilperic


King Domnal Brecc

St Gondolfus

Ansbertus “The Senator”


Generation 46

King Hulderick

King Diwg

Uter Pendragon

King Cadwallon ap Cadfan

King Eiludd ap Cynan

King Arthwyr

Prince Arnothen

King Raginpert of Terin

Centulle of Gascony

St. Agilbert of Ponthieu



King Clothar



King Eochaid Buide




King Cloderic

Generation 47

King Hathwigate

King Llywarch Hen

Emperor Constantine II

King Cadfan ap Iago

King Cynan Garwyn

King Pedr

Prince Brothan

King Godeport

Adelrico of Gascony

Duke Wamburtus

King Clovis I “The Great”

Clothilda of Burgundy

King Berthaire


King Aedan

Tonantius Ferreolus

King Siegbert “The Lame”

Generation 48

King Hengest of Jutes

King Elidyr

Emperor Constantine

King Iago ap Beli

King Brochfael Ysgythrog

King Cyngar

Prince Serwell

King Aripert I

Loup II of Gascony

Duke Alberto


King Childeric I

Basing of Thuringa

King Chilperic II

King Caewlin

King Gabhran


King Childebert

Generation 49

King Witigislus

King Merchiaun

Emperor Constantius I

St. Helen “Of the Cross”

King Beli

King Cyngen

King Vortepor

Prince Uffa

Gundwald of Asti

Waifar of Aquitaine

Adele of Gascony

King Clodio

Basinga of Thoringa

King Merovaeus

Verica of Sweden

King Gudachar

King Cynric

King Domangart

Fedelmia of Ireland

King Clovis “The Riparian”

Generation 50

King Witte II

King Gurgurst


Cladia Crispina

King Coilus

Strada “The Fair”

King Rhun


King Aircol Lawhir

King Ceredig

Garabaldi of Bavaria


Hunold of Aquitaine

Loup I of Gascony

King Pharamond


King Gundicaire

Hrothildis VonWestgoten

King Cerdic

King Fergus Mor

Generation 51

King Witte I

King Ceneu

Emperor Crispus Commodus

Bruttia Crispina

King Meric

Prince Cadvan of Cambria


King Maelgwyn

King Pascent

King Tryffin I Farfog


King Wacho


Duke Eudes of Aquitaine

Valtrude of Verdun


Duke Marcomir


King Erc

Generation 52

King Coel Hen “The Old”

Emperor Marcus Aurelius


King Arviragus


Queen Boudicea

King Lleuver Mawr


King Cadwallon Lawhir


King Aed

Duke Theodon III

Zuchilo fo the Lombards

King Elemund

Boggis of Aquitaine

Duke Clodius I



Generation 53


Marcus Annius Verus

Emperor Antoninus Pius

Annia Galaria Fausting

King Cymbeline

Emperor Claudius I

Prince Coel

King Einion Yrth

King Corath

Duke Theodon II


King Charibert II of Aquitaine

Gisela of Gascony

Duke Dagobert


King Eochaid

Generation 54


King Tenvantius

Nero Claudius Drusus

Antonia The Younger

King Cyllin

King Cunedda Lothian


King Eochaid

Duke Thoedon I

King Gudeac

Amand of Gascony

King Walter


King Corbred

Generation 55


King Lud

Tiberius Claudius Nero

Livia Drusilla

King Caradoc



King Clodius III


King Conaire


Generation 56


King Beli

Appius Claudius Nero

Livious Drusus Claudianus

King Bran



King Bartherus



King Conn

Generation 57



King Llyr (Lear)



King Hilderic


King Fedlimid

Generation 58



King Sunna


Generation 59



King Farabert

King Woden

Generation 60



King Cladimir IV

King Frithuwald

Generation 61



King Marcomir IV


King Frealaf

Generation 62

King Outigern


King Odamar

King Frithwulf

Generation 63

King Eliud


King Richemer I

King Finn

Generation 64

King Eudaf

King Ratherius

King Godwulf Gudolfr

Generation 65


King Antenor IV

King Gaeta Jat

Generation 66


King Clodemir III

King Taetwa

Generation 67


King Marcomir III

King Beaw Bjaf

Generation 68

Bran The Blessed

King Clodius II

King Scedlwa Skjold

Generation 69


King Heremon

King Francus of Sicumbri

Generation 70



King Itermon

King Antharius

Generation 71

Beli Mawr


King Cassander

Generation 72


King Merodacus

Generation 73


King Clodomir II

Generation 74

King Seskef

King Antenor

Generation 75


King Clodius

Generation 76


King Marcomir

Generation 77


King Nicanor

Generation 78


King Clodimir I

Generation 79


King Bassanus Magnus

Generation 80


King Diocles

Generation 81

Tror Thor

Sibil Sif

King Helenus I

Generation 82

King Munon of Troy


King Priamus

Generation 83

King Antenor I

Generation 84

King Marcomir

Generation 85

King Antenor of Commerians